Herzog brings positivity to court


Photographer: Catherine Mouer

Hailey Schurr, J1 Reporter

Junior Madison Herzog is a junior who plays varsity volleyball with the Lady Cardinals.

“She is a positive motivator with a positive attitude,”  Varsity Coach Nicki Gonzalez said. “She is always willing to work hard no matter the situation.”

Coach Gonzalez has coached Madison for three years and says that Herzog is a very aggressive and balanced player on the court.

“It’s really fun being a junior on varsity because I get to play the sport I love with some pretty awesome people,” Herzog said. “it is also a lot of work because we have to wake up early for practice and stay late after school for games and practices.”

Teammate Delaney Dawson said Madison is very encouraging to everyone on the court.  

“She pushes her teammates by encouraging us to play harder and tells us how we are doing,” Dawson said. “She helps us by being positive and in a way, lifting each other’s spirits.”

Madison has been playing volleyball for JPII since freshmen year. Volleyball is Madison’s favorite sport and she has been playing it since the 5th grade. She also plays outside of school on Victory Volleyball Club.