Card football makes program changes in spring preseason


Nicholas Ronk, Reporter

In December, the football program looked to new leadership with the hiring of head football coach George Teague, a former Dallas Cowboy and well-known high school football coach. Having played at the highest level, his experience as both a player and as a coach gives him tremendous credibility.

“With this change comes changes for the players as well,”  Teague said.  “A lot of what I’m looking for in a player is their leadership qualities, discipline, self-motivation, and knowing exactly what it means to be a hard worker.”

Offseason workouts began before spring break  with a conditioning program five times a week. After break, the coaches will install playbooks into practice by April 24.

“These workouts are designed to show the growth that each player can get as a person through trials, tribulation, and adversity,” Teague said.

Junior safety Bobby Marburger has great expectations for the team.

“It’s already evident to me,” Marburger said. “I see it every day at practice. We are a better, more motivated, and more focused tea.”

Marburger said that the team has been ready for next season since the final game of last season.

“The most important thing we have on our agendas right now is to be ready for next season,” he said. “To put up a fight each game and to make some noise in the playoff picture. I believe we are one our way to accomplishing that.”

Teague has hired three other coaches so far and routines at practice have already been established.

In his December press conference, he said that he will be, above all else, a supporter of student education and it will take priority over football if the two ever conflict.

“We are going to build a strong football team. We are going to build a very, very strong football team,” Teague said. “The vision has already been set forth onto me of what we need to do, and it’s just my job to put in place, and make sure it gets done.”