Golf tees off at the first tournament

Colin Brignola, Reporter

In recent tournaments, the Varsity golf team shot 405 and the Junior Varsity 1531.

The Varsity Team competed in the highly competitive Bart Granger Memorial tournament, a two day tournament played at Pecan Valley in Fort Worth, playing 36 holes the first day and 18 the second day.

“It was the best competition in the nation,” senior Colin Ackerman said. “It’s the biggest high school tournament in the nation. There were teams from Wisconsin which was cool.”

The Junior Varsity team played at the Firewheel tournament in Garland at The Old Course, playing an 18 hole shotgun start.

“It was a pretty good tournament,” sophomore Sam Kirby said. “The winner shot in the low 70s which is a good score.”

The varsity team did not medal in the Bart Granger, the lowest score shot was a 74 by Senior Captain Logan White.

“A 74 the first round gave me a lot of confidence,” White said. “Playing 36 holes is really tiring which makes it harder to stay focused.”

The Junior Varsity team also did not medal in the Firewheel tournament. Sophomore Sam Kirby shot an 86.

“I could have done things better,” Kirby said, “but that’s just the way golf is. Some days you play well, others you don’t.”

The coaches agree that both teams could have played better.

“I think overall we had some kids play really well,” Coach Bull said. “We don’t have bad players. We are just going to have to start practicing different.”

Head Coach Corey Coursey would agree.

“We played well but we have some work to do,” Coach Coursey said. “We are going to have to start practicing harder and better if we want to win tournaments this year.”