Golf team heads for success

Diego Alejandro Pérez Bretón Borbón, Reporter

The golf coach and captain believe that by adding an extra coach to the team, playing more tournaments in the fall, and not letting players get behind in their practice will improve the player’s performance and increase the possibilities to win state in the Spring.

“I think, on both sides, that if we stay focused, and we do those things that I require, like perfect practice, perfect preparation, work hard, don’t give excuses, stay competitive, we’ll have a good shot at winning the state championship as any team in TAPPS,” golf coach Corey Coursey said.

With the hiring of JV coach Ed Bull, Coursey has more time to focus on the varsity team this year.

“This year, I hired Coach Ed Bull, the JV coach, because we have 24 boys up from 13 boys from last year,” Coursey said.  “We almost doubled in size, and with coach Bull and his expertise, he is able to take our second and third JV team and work in their skills, rather than just play around every day. That frees me up to work with our Varsity players, to really work on course management and competence in a better way.”

Coach Bull said he is excited to help the  JV team become better players. He feels like he has the experience to prepare the players for success.

“As a new coach, I think I bring expertise, the desire to help you guys, develop your passion towards golf, to have a better understanding of how to be more efficient in your practice, in your play, and help  you lower your scores,” Bull said.

In the six weeks that Bull has been with the team, he has learned what some of the team’s weaknesses are and what they need to overcome them.

“I think they have focus, and some of them think they are practicing when they are not,” Bull said. “So they have to understand what they are trying to accomplish. The goals they have for golf sometimes are wayward. They need to understand if they are going to be a competitive player, then they have to have competitive practice.”

Senior  captain Colin Ackerman thinks that the team is getting well prepared to compete in state due to all of the tournaments before state.

“This year we have two seasons of golf primarily,” Akerman said.  “Our first season is in the fall. This is when we play all teams around Texas, and this will give us a better idea of how challenging the other players can be and how challenging the other courses will be compared  to our district. I think we should be very prepared when we come to district, regionals, and state.”

Ackerman said focus is the key for the team this year.

“If we get behind, one person may not be able to go to the tournament,” he said. “Another thing is to just stay on top of our practice and just keep up with the golf schedule that we have.”