Sophomore qualifies for all-state lacrosse team


Carney playing for McKinney Lacrosse.

Lauren Gaubert, J1 Reporter

Last year, sophomore Megan Carney qualified for the Texas All-State Lacrosse Team.

Carney began playing lacrosse when she was in the third grade and her passion has continued to grow.

“My brother started playing so I wanted to join,” Carney said. “I’ve loved it ever since.”

As a player for Coast to Coast Lacrosse and McKinney Lacrosse, Carney now spends multiple hours a week practicing the game that took her all the way to the state tournament in Houston last year.

“The practices are twice a week, but I’m on two teams, so I have three practices a week that are two hours long,” Carney said. “Tournaments are normally two days on the weekend, and we have around three games per day.”

Carney, who plays as an attacker, appreciates all of the other hard-working players that were recruited from all over Texas to play on the state team.

“Practices were a lot tougher, that’s for sure,” Carney said. “It was good because all the girls there were more talented, so you could trust them.”

Although Carney is only a sophomore, other players on her lacrosse teams look up to her as a role model and her coaches take notice.

“She plays at a very high level and makes her teammates better,” Head Coach of Coast to Coast Lacrosse Molly Ford said. “They feed off her intensity, which results in us having a very talented 2018 team.”

Since Carney also plays varsity volleyball, Cardinal coaches and players also see the hard work ethic that she brings on and off the court or field.

“Megan Carney is a very disciplined, hard-working and dedicated athlete,” Head Volleyball Coach Nikki Gonzalez said. “And not just as an athlete, but in everything that she does from classroom, on the court, and on the field obviously with lacrosse.”