Cardinals adopt new helmet models


Photographer: Ayllyn Nolte

The Cardinals wear the newest in helmet technology for added safety.

Nicholas Ronk, J1 Reporter

This athletic season, the Cardinals have been using a new, a very innovative helmet design. The new helmet, the Riddell Speedflex,  includes the use of memory foam within the frame of of the helmet, which absorbs shock at a faster and larger rate than previous models. The front cage has also been redesigned to detach in a facemask tackle situation. Not only does this prevent an unpleasant drop to the ground, but it makes it significantly easier for the officials to verify whether a tackle is clean, or if it is an illegal facemask tackle.

The estimated price for each helmet is in the range of $325-400.

Athletic Director Mr. Kent Turner said, “ There are pros and cons to all products.  However, this product is a five star product (best available on the market) as it relates to safety for athletes. Helmets will continue to improve as research and technology evolve.

He also said that it was too soon to fully analyze whether the helmets have been effective or not, but they are at least a partial step forward in the innovation of football safety.

The University of Arkansas, Florida State, Iowa, and Florida are just a few of the universities that have also adopted the new helmets.