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Students find help with SAT prep

Adele Wallace, J1 Reporter

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With two million students taking the test every year, SAT prep classes have become a staple for many juniors, claiming it better prepares them for the test. Physics teacher Vern Dewees has been teaching prep classes for the math SAT section for seven years.

“One thing I would really do is concentrate on middle math because there is a section without a calculator,” Dewees said.  “One guy who’s looked at it a lot said you need to know your multiplication table through 20. If you are struggling where you have to multiply, you should  also review divisibility rules and things like that.”

Despite some people doubting if SAT classes are necessary, Mr. Dewees said they can be helpful.

“It’s just like anything else,” he said. “If you work at it, take it seriously and apply the strategies, then yes (it is helpful), but if you do not apply them, then no.”

Hundreds of prep classes online and in person have popped up,  claiming to raise scores.

“I have taken prep classes at Karen Dillard,” senior Fiona Weatherly said. “I have been taking them for about a year on and off. I think the tricks helped me for the reading, but my overall score didn’t increase.”

In addition to prep classes, many juniors like Lindsey Zugelder use online or one-to-one tutoring to prepare for the test. Zugelder uses online resources to prepare.

“I will be taking the old SAT and ACT in November. I’m sure I will also take the new one, but not until later in the year,” she said. “I am taking online classes in my free time. I think the classes are necessary for preparation.”

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Students find help with SAT prep