Hike for Life saves lives


Photographer: Liz Lapenotiere

A crowd gathers at the Hike for Life.

Mia Negron , Reporter

Approximately 240 students and community members gathered at John Paul II High School Sept. 24 to promote the dignity of all human life at the annual Hike for Life. They raised $24,500 to support the cause.

The Pro-Life Club has sponsored the  Hike for Life for eight years. Mrs. Monica Rollino, Pro-Life club sponsor, has been involved in the Hike for Life movement since college.Mrs. Rollino

“When I graduated from college, John Paul II asked if I would be interested in being the Pro-Life sponsor and I said sure, so I’ve just kind of taken over it and inspired other students here as well,” Rollino said.

The goal of this activity is to educate students on how to defend a child’s life.

“The purpose of the Hike for Life really is to raise money for different organizations and also to raise awareness for the issue itself,  bringing everyone together in a lot of the parishes and communities to come and support a cause to save lives,” Senior Davis Scruggs, Pro-Life club president,  said.

The students who participated in the Hike for Life passed out flyers, set up tents and walked in the hike.

“I know in the past years, it’s been a huge thing for them and it’s been very successful. They’ve raised thousands of dollars,” Rollino said.

Students were joined by the Knights of Columbus and other Dallas area community members.

liz_240916hike_for_life0026“It is for a good cause and helping others bring other people together,” Freshman Fiona Huynh said.

Scruggs started participating in the Hike his freshman year.

I did it and I fell in love with how they go about doing stuff and what it stands for and helping some people together,” Scruggs said.

The Pro-Life club also participates in other activities to raise awareness and to get the students involved.

“We are going to have a pro-life speaker in February and it’s going to be an all school assembly, so we’re gonna have the entire school listening to this one amazing Pro-Life speaker,” Scruggs said.

Scruggs said Pro-Life Club offers many opportunities for student involvement.

“Join the club, stay informed with our meetings and constantly be volunteering and participating in our activities,” Scruggs said. “If you want to go out, you can volunteer at different parenting clinics, so just stay active in the community and in the school. It’s easier to start at the schools and grow out from there.”