Christian Service program gets a makeover

Christian Service program gets a makeover

Sean Moothart, Reporter

The Christian Service program, which has largely remained unchanged since the opening of the school, is changing.

Recently, Ms. Molina became the new Christian Service Coordinator. Now, she is tasked with updated the program. While it isn’t finalized which new projects will be promoted, one thing is clear.

“There will be more opportunities to serve,” Ms. Molina said. “We’re going to start with partnering with more nonprofits in the Collin County area.”

Molina’s work is ensuring that JPII’s presence is felt within the community.

Revitalizing the program though, Molina said, is only possible by viewing Christian service in a different light. She wants Christian service to be a life-long passion rather than a quick service project meant to merely accrue hours.

“By the time you’re a senior, not only have you seen things that opened up your mind, burst that bubble, put you a little out of your comfort zone, you can find and hone in on your passion,” she said. “In college, you end up majoring in something after you have been exposed to things.”

The Christian service program will be used as building blocks for many students to find out what they want to do in life. Achieving the paradigm shift necessary to breath new life into the program isn’t going to be easy. It begins finding a balance between daily life and service.

“Finding a good balance is a real issue,” Molina said. “We are very aware of all the requirements you have. As a student you’re in sports and you’re in AP classes and applying to colleges. How can we can restructure the balance between quality over quanity.”

Finding the balance might take some time, but Molina is up for the challenge.

“I’m really excited for Christian  service and it being re-imagined and lining up more with how we can help our community, especially with Collin County,” she said. “I want to see what kind of impact we can make.”

Ms. Molina also adds she is open to suggestions.

“If there’s a great idea that any one of you has, my door is always open,” she said. “Let me know, and we can try and make it work.”

Questions about Christian Service can be sent to [email protected]