New president reflects on first months

Catherine Mouer, Reporter

Deacon Jake Schroepfer’s first months as president have brought many changes to the school. Increased dress down days, dress code changes, and newly announced courses have helped boost student morale.

Deacon Jake is passionate about his role at JPII. He believes the most rewarding part of the job is hearing positive feedback from students and parents about his leadership and new changes.

“That’s really rewarding when some student comes up and says ‘Hey I really appreciate what you’re doing here. Last year, I didn’t wanna come to school and this year I really love coming to school.’”

Deacon Jake views his new role as a part of God’s plan. With emotion, Deacon Jake reflected on the moment Ms. Downs announced his promotion to the student body.

“It caught me off guard,” he said.” I didn’t know that was happening. It was just overwhelming. I’m just so humbled and so honored to be in this position. I know that it has a huge responsibility. It was such a joy, and it meant a lot.”

Looking to the future, Deacon Jake wants to modernize the school. He is leading a “Re-Imagine JPII” initiative.

“We need to be Catholic AND cool,” he said. “Catholic AND innovative. We have to have formative academics and great co-curricular activities.”

He believes that further developing school facilities will help improve education and the school environment.

“I’m reimagining a totally transformed campus,” he said. “We could have the most incredible campus here because of all the land we have. We could minimize the asphalt jungle and have more green space.”

Deacon Jake is looking to create new Catholic ministry opportunities.

“We want be a leader in youth ministry in greater Collin County,” he said. “We could have awesome retreats, praise and worship nights, and have students come and fill the gym, have some great music and message.”

He also wants to expand community work further into Collin County with new classes teaching students how to solve real-world problems and create business models.

“How cool would it be if we were able to offer practical experience in social innovation for our students?” he said. “If we were able to help out 100,000 people in Collin County instead of a 1,000?”

Deacon Jake enjoys his time with the Cardinal Family, especially the students.

“One thing I find the most joy in is these encounters where I get to work with students,” he said. “That’s what I love.”