Cardinals raise more than $220,000

Joy Schwarz, Reporter

Community members donated more than $220,000 for JPII in the annual North Texas Giving Day.

JPII placed second overall in the individual gifts school leaderboard, earning a cash bonus.

“The success of this year has really been built on the foundation of the past three years, with the beginning of North Texas Giving Day,” President Thomas Poore said. “Our community has continued to embrace the opportunity to give back, in this case to John Paul II High School, to make a difference in the lives of our faculty, staff and the student body.”

This year there were 702 individual donors.

“North Texas Giving Day is a day of philanthropy in all of North Texas for nonprofits that qualify, and it is basically put on by the Communities Foundation of Texas,” Advancement Director Jackie Fleming said. “So if you’re a qualifying nonprofit, and in this year there are 2,022 of them, you get a space online and you advertise for yourself.”

Students were also involved by working a phone bank to contact potential donors.

“I really like having the opportunity to give back to my community and JPII,” freshman Sarah Lee said. “North Texas Giving Day gives everybody that chance.”

JPII placed tenth overall.

“The best part is the excitement that people have in our community, and the whole North Texas area, about philanthropy and the focus on non profits who are helping people all around this area”  Poore said.