Turfs Up

Donors provide new stadium turf


Photographer: Catherine Mouer

Sophomore Reese Atkinson carries the ball against Cistercian.

Jhett Greiner, Reporter

A new turf surface was installed in the stadium over the summer. The $150,000 project provides numerous benefits in safety, comfort and maintenance.

“It took about three weeks in order to put the whole new football field in,” coach KJ Williams said. “Each individual line, unlike any other turf surface, is stitched in the field instead of being painted on.”

The new turf reduces occurrences of heat-related injuries and helps with concussion prevention.  The field was also equipped with a higher g-max rating. A g-max rating determines the rate at which conclusions can be prevented.

After a trip to Houston to see the turf, Mr. Poore recommended the project approval.

“There were two football fields 20 yards apart. One had the old turf and the other had the cooling beads,” Mr. Poore said. “It was easy to tell right away that the newer turf was much cooler than the old turf.”

Senior running back Eric Johnson noticed an immediate decrease in temperature his first day on the new turf.

“It was like the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees,” Johnson said. “It was much cooler than I expected and even had better cushioning.”