JPII reaches new donation level on NT Giving Day

Pooja Krishna, Reporter

The John Paul II High School community donated $240,860 this year on North Texas Giving Day, surpassing last year’s record by over $50,000.

“North Texas Giving Day allows us to come together as a school community to fund the operational needs of high school because tuition does not cover the expense of education,” President Thomas Poore said. “The money raised goes to operational expenses of the school to cover the gap between tuition and cost of educating each and every student. The financial gap per student is slightly over $2,464 this year.”

JPIIHS was second among schools in North Texas in donations and received a $3,000 bonus from the foundation.  In 1,600 non-profits, the school placed tenth in the number of donors.

According to the Center for Nonprofit Management, North Texas Giving Day is “an online giving event that provides nonprofits the opportunity to gain exposure to — and start relationships with — new donors, and for people in North Texas to come together to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits.” (

“I think that partnering with all of North Texas in philanthropy is exciting and profitable for all organizations,” Jackie Fleming, Executive Director for Advancement and Communications, said.  “While it usually takes months to complete, because we were given this opportunity, we reached our goal in nearly 18 hours.”

The school first heard about the event on WFAA three years ago when the program was just beginning.

“We asked parents, grandparents, current families, alumni, alumni families and faculty staff through the use of social media, Facebook, Twitter and email,” Fleming said. “Although teachers and staff were not required to participate, they were encouraged to.”

Among the many faculty members who participated this year was Paul Philp, Pre-AP World Cultures and CP and AP World History teacher.

“It’s [the fundraiser] a nice way of raising money.” Philp said, “Just another way to reach an audience.”

He has taken part in North Texas Giving Day for the past two years and will continue to donate next year.

“I believe it is morally our duty as Christians to donate,” he said. “God’s helped me with things; I believe it is my job to help too, ideally.”

This year, the event was Sept. 18.

“North Texas Giving Day raises huge awareness about philanthropy and the importance of the responsibility we all have giving back to the community,” Poore said. “It’s definitely the biggest fundraiser of the year.”