Top 5 songs to relieve stress this exam season

Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens

Looking Out For You by Joy Again

"Looking Out For You" is an infectiously upbeat indie rock tune that inspires the sudden feeling of serenity, as it echoes nostalgia of road-trips and summer vacations. Arthur Shea starts the melody with a cheerful ukulele solo that escalates into a electric guitar duet with head-bopping drum beats reminiscent of the coastline. While slightly underground, and not known by most indie fans, Joy Again h...

Walkin’ Back to Georgia by Jim Croce

We’re Not Just Friends by Parks Squares and Alleys

"We’re Not Just Friends" showcases the talents of the proclaimed “Dream Pop King,” Sergey Khavro, who recently burst into the indie scene with the quiet release of his debut album, “Against Illusions and Reality” which garnered praise from his ever-growing fan-base. However, it was not until the release of this tropical, lo-fi hit that Khavro received any real recognition for his ability to...

West Coast by Coconut Records

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