The Killers release promising new album

Album art, The Killers
Island Records

Album art, The Killers Island Records

Joy Schwarz , Reporter

The Killers’ newest album, Wonderful Wonderful, skillfully combines the eclectic with the classic sound fans know and love. Since their last album Battle Born (2012), fans have been starving for new songs, and Wonderful Wonderful supplied a noteworthy experience.

While not their most popular work, the breakthrough single “The Man” topped 36 on U.S. charts, beating out Lil Uzi Vert and Justin Timberlake. This first track hilariously depicts manhood as seen through a young boy’s eyes. Through New Wave pop-rock and poignant synth, lead vocalist Brandon Flowers satirically boasts, “nothing can break me down,” and “baby, I’m the man!” Through these witty lyrics and pronounced beat, the song became a party hit, soaring into fame and putting Wonderful Wonderful into the Alt-Rock spotlight.

However, not all tracks on the album are as lighthearted. “Have All The Songs Been Written?” illustrates the growing pains of a band with six albums under its belt, as the writing process for Flowers reached a massive block for the better part of 2016. The number supplied a needed break from the cockiness in most of Wonderful Wonderful, and gave fans a taste of how hard it is to deliver music to an audience under pressure.

The most promising track is “Life To Come.” It remains true to what the band was in its early years while incorporating a modern take on lyrics through heavy repetition of the hook. It reflects its preceding albums like the synth-heavy 2008 hit, Day & Age.

The Killers have moved toward bigger production, a myriad of choral sampling,and extremely alternative lead vocals which combine to form an album more powerful in sound than all their previous works. Through this, they’ve created an album that, while definitely not their best piece, demonstrates their talent in making downright fun music. Fans still can appreciate the band that was and what will be after a few more years of development.