Pooja’s Picks: Top 3 animated films


Pooja Krishna, Editor

There have been so many amazing animated films these past few decades. Here are my top 3 favorites with plot overviews and the titles of a few similar films.

3.) Up

A balloon salesman journeys to Paradise Falls to live his dream. Along the way, he builds a friendship with a young boy. Together, they travel on the man’s balloon-powered house and make many new friends and discoveries.

Why You Should Watch

There’s no other way to describe this movie than simply what it is: a cult classic. The beginning montage of Carl and Ellie’s relationship is iconic, it’s nostalgic, sweet, and guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. The dream-like atmosphere perfectly exemplifies what it’s like to be a kid. Perfect for all ages, Up is the great movie for a lazy weekend afternoon or a Friday night.


2.) Coraline

After moving into a new house, Coraline finds a mysterious door that leads her to an alternate version of her life. Everything just seems a little bit better and brighter. However, this perfect world starts to unravel as she discovers her “Other Family” wants her to stay forever, and suddenly she must fight to find her way back home.

Why You Should Watch

Eerie, interesting, and beautifully strange, Coraline creeped its way to the top of my list because of its sheer uniqueness and rich horror-esque style. Based on the novella by Neil Gaiman, Coraline is a fantasy/thriller aimed at children and young teens. It can be hard for directors to balance horror and animation to the perfect degree for people of all ages, but Henry Selick pretty much nailed it. Overall, the movie is wonderfully weird in the characterization of Coraline, her family, and the friends she makes along her journey. The notion of a parallel universe unlocks a unique psychological perspective, adding more layers that even adults might find interesting.


3.) Ratatouille

Remy, a young rat, yearns to be a professional chef in the colorful city of Paris. Opportunity finally comes knocking when he accidentally falls into the bustling kitchen of his culinary hero’s restaurant. With the help of an unlikely confidant, Remy just might fulfill his dream of becoming a truly amazing chef.

Why You Should Watch

This movie is simply stunning, laced with bits of wisdom and drenched with detailed cinematography. Ratatouille earns its place at the top of my favorite animated films. The underlying themes of perseverance and individuality are woven throughout the film, creating a feel-good movie perfect for all ages. The movie’s central conflict of family versus the individual is one that everyone can relate to as they grow older and more independent. One of my favorite elements is the subtle, yet rich interactions between Remy and his human friend Linguini. Although we see Remy speak with his family and his rat friends, the relationship between Remy and Linguini is the central focus and it is absolutely heart-warming to see their relationship evolve.