Strait starts “Conversations” over new sound

Jhett Greiner, Reporter

George Strait is the king of country music. Earlier in 2015, he finished what he said would be his last tour. Country music fans began to remember his career and what all he has done for the genre of country music.

George released his newest album ‘Cold Beer Conversation’ on Sept. 25. In his new album, we see more of the old George that we have come to appreciate and love. But, in songs such as ‘Take Me to Texas’ he implements new george strait“pop country” sounds.  His new album was a shock to fans of his craft. Country music fans did not expect him to ever write and release another album after he announced he was done touring.

His new album received a rating of three and a half stars on the Billboard Music Charts. The day it was released it reached number 1 on the iTunes country music charts. His newly found sound has the country music world doing backflips. George has always been known for his twang, classic, and heartfelt songs. Perhaps this is a new side that we have yet to see from the artist.

Either way the fans love it. George Strait is the musician of a lifetime and we can’t wait to see more out of him in the near future. “Cold Beer Conversation” is his latest greatest work that has country music fans marveling over what he will do next.