Alessia Cara is a “Know It All” about putting on a good concert


Lauren Gaubert, Reporter

Up-and-coming singer Alessia Cara provided a laid-back, but fun event at her Oct. 21 concert at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie.

Cara has been touring with Nathan Sykes and Ruth B, all singers who lifted the audience with their meaningful and catchy songs. The venue, Verizon Theatre, made it more intimate, especially since we were allowed to go down to the pit for free.

Sykes opened the show and sang many of his popular songs including “Almost Is Never Enough” and “Over and Over Again.” The former member of The Wanted was a great opener because he was able to get everybody excited for the two following acts. Watch for him on iTunes as he will be gaining popularity due to his ability to interact with the audience members.

Ruth B was next. She began her career creating short music videos on the app Vine, and she has rightfully become a popular name in the contemporary music industry. Her beautiful and soulful voice filled the theatre and the audience clearly loved it, especially when she sang her most well-known song, “Lost Boy.” Her voice made up for what she lacked in the entertainment aspect since she mainly just stood around on  stage.

Finally, the main act: Alessia Cara ran on stage dressed very simply and started with her hit song “I’m Yours.” Because she was dressed in just regular clothes, there was nothing to focus on but the music. She introduced herself and proceeded to perform her songs one by one, talking about the meaning and inspiration behind each one. This gave Cara a personal connection with the audience, making it more enjoyable for everybody. Even people who didn’t know her very well were able to feel a connection with her. fullsizerender-2

Cara also covered songs by popular singers like Frank Ocean and Troye Sivan. She ended the show with her most popular song, “Here,” even adding a new, unreleased verse, making the experience even more special. This was followed by her encore of “My Song.”

Overall, Alessia Cara is someone who will continue to grow in popularity due to the positive outlook in her songs along with her beautiful voice. Her concert was enjoyable to attend and I would definitely go again. To hear more from Alessia Cara, her songs are all available on iTunes and Spotify. She will also be featured at Jingle Ball in Dallas on Nov. 29 as well as performing another show at the Granada Theater in early February.