Ruth B shows hope, comfort with new release

Ruth B shows hope, comfort with new release

Daniel Garcia, Website Manager

For our first of a set of music reviews, we open Ruth B’s debut EP, The Intro Ruth B is a Canadian singer and songwriter who got her start posting snippets of songs to Vine, and she now has released her first EP, containing the four songs “Two Poor Kids”, “Lost Boy”, “Golden”, and “Superficial Love.”

We begin with the song “Lost Boy.” The song has an accentuated wistful feel, with a Peter Pan motif front-and-center. The story is told as the speaker of the song “goes off” to live in Neverland as one of the titular “lost boys.” The song shows the wonder of the Neverland fantasy as one would fondly remember their childhood. The song features strong, slow piano chords as the accompaniment to Ruth B’s melodic lyrics, free of obvious electronic influences. The music has a lilt and timber to it, falling into and out of the chords of the piano. The melody brings your heart rate down, calming you as it brings you into its fantasy. Ruth B succeeds in wanting to bring about the feeling of escaping to a fantasy like Neverland. The loneliness the singer feels is countered by feeling of flying away the melody brings. If you ever need a song to bring you up when you’re feeling lonely or depressed, this is much better than other songs that wallow in their sadness. This song uses its slow melody and melancholy tone to transcend into something greater, something well-worth your time.

The second song from the EP I listened to was “Two Poor Kids”. This song has a much faster pace than the previous one, but it still maintains the strong piano chords and lilting lyrics. It tells the story of a girl and a boy living in a city who love each other, despite being poor. The song, however, doesn’t seem to care. The love of the two kids can be felt with every note. The lyrics blend into each other, as if we can hear the two kids dancing around each other. The melody plays with time, slowing down when talking of the rich city pitying the kids for being poor, but speeding up as the kids decide they love each other regardless, saying that love is better when untainted by money. The pure hope and love in the song is palpable, and feels greater than other love songs that seem obsessed with infatuation. The two poor kid’s love feels infinitely stronger, and the energetic yet slow melody feels like the slow, warm burn of true love.

Overall, I very much like these two songs from the EP, and would recommend the entire album heartily. It simply feels more than other songs of a similar sound, both in attitude and execution.

The Intro EP is out now and available on iTunes. The song “Lost Boy” is available on YouTube to preview.