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Eastwood’s “Sully” does justice to the ‘miracle on the Hudson’

Nicholas Ronk, Reporter

February 2, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Reviews

Some heroes, especially the humble ones, never really get the attention they deserve. For Captain Chesley Sullenberger (played by Tom Hanks), he received plenty of attention, but not all of it was was in good intent. Based on...

Jmblya 2016 provides delicious mix of artists

Jake Gray, Reporter/Podcast Personality

March 23, 2016

Filed under Reviews

Friday the 13th has historically gone down as cursed day, a day where something is sure to go wrong. However, I have a feeling that Friday, May 13 will be a little bit different. Why is that? Music superstars Post Malone, Kevin G...

Strait starts “Conversations” over new sound

Jhett Greiner, Reporter

November 30, 2015

Filed under Reviews

George Strait is the king of country music. Earlier in 2015, he finished what he said would be his last tour. Country music fans began to remember his career and what all he has done for the genre of country music. George released...

ACL Rocks!

Fiona Weatherly

November 2, 2015

Filed under Reviews

This past weekend I attended Austin City Limits, a three day music festival, featuring popular artists of all genres. This was a once in a lifetime experience to see all of my favorite bands and artists  for a great value. I had a wonderful  time and loved every second of it. ...

Blake Shelton heats up the summer

Natally Chavarria, Reporter

January 8, 2015

Filed under Reviews

Summer of 2014 was the year of incredible fun. It was about hanging out with friends, getting a bite to eat and enjoying a summer concert in the warm summer night.  If you didn’t go to Blake Shelton’s concert in June to start...

Green’s novel captivating and emotional

Fiona Weatherly, Reporter

January 8, 2015

Filed under Reviews

For those who enjoyed “The Fault in Our Stars” frenzy, “Looking For Alaska” by John Green is a captivating novel that draws the reader in and attaches itself to your heart. I can see myself as different characters in this...

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