Fashion Forward

’14 alumnus breaks into the designer industry

Nicholas Ronk, Senior Newswriter

Just three years after graduating, Brandon Rose (’14) has launched a high-end fashion company, while pursuing a double major in Kinesiology and Business Management at the University of Alabama.

“I am loving every minute of it,” Rose said. “I also love and appreciate the knowledge I am receiving over my peers as school cannot teach the hands-on experience I am obtaining.”

CEO Brandon Rose (’14) sitting in his office.

RoseGold Apparel™ formed about a year ago, with the vision of incorporating rose gold metal into men’s fashion.  Rose said his inspiration started with a rose gold and black watch that he really enjoyed. After some research, he discovered that there was a market for men’s apparel in rose gold. He began with shoes and belts, but plans to expand the collection.

“As I grow within my means, I plan on broadening my products with clothing and other seasonal wear,” he said.

Although he never expected to embark in the design industry, his artistic background has been advantageous through the designing process.

“I have always been creative and enjoyed the art classes I have taken throughout my life,” Rose said, “but never capitalized on it as a career choice or serious hobby.”

Rose said his design process is long. First, he sketches ideas. When his concept is honed, he sends it to a graphic designer who creates a product illustration. If needed, he makes changes at this time. Once he approves the model, he begins the manufacturing stage. In the near future, he hopes to expedite this process by cutting out the middleman.

“I am currently learning and will soon be able to digitalize the drawing myself,” Rose said. “This will save a step and make the process even more efficient.”

Once a new product is designed, it is manufactured in London, with supplies coming from various parts of Europe. Rose said this ensures good product quality.

For advertising, he is focused on social media. Social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all extremely cost effective ways for him to build brand awareness.  He has, however, recently advertised in GQ, ELLE, and Harper’s Bazaar magazines.

His advertising strategies are working. He noted that he is appreciative of the business and support from people all over the world.

His company currently employs only two other staffers. His Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has plenty of experience in both his accounting studies and his time at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). He also has a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who runs and designs the website.

Fashion and design has been a surprise for Rose.

“I never thought I would be involved with fashion, but with my creative background and erudition in business,” he said, “I am loving every minute of it.”


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