A Love Story Continued

Mary Grace Theis, Newspaper

A year and a half after Nick Schiele proposed to Katie Boggs, the couple said their “I-do’s” at the altar and were bound as husband and wife.

The Schieles decided on New Year’s Eve in tribute of the grandparents of Mr Schiele.

“We wanted something that would work with our schedules,” Mrs. Schiele, Admissions Office, said. “Also, Nick’s grandparents got married on New Year’s Eve so we wanted to do something similar to them.”

A lot of planning went into the wedding, including the color scheme of black and gold,  and the venues.

“We got married at Saint Jude in Allen,” Mr. Schiele, English teacher, said. “The reception was at the Cotton Mill in McKinney. We toured about half a dozen places and we like the flexibility of the Cotton Mill.”

With the wedding planned, the bride and groom looked forward to the ceremony.

“We did a reveal before. Because the wedding was so late, we didn’t want to take pictures afterwards,” Mr. Schiele said. “I got to see her all dressed up alone, just the two of us, and that was really really special. I will always remember that.”

Mrs. Schiele was walked down the aisle by her father and said she had every emotion possible.

“My dad was cracking jokes, but then it is also very nerve racking having everybody watch you,” Mrs. Schiele said. “I was trying not to cry. I kind of had every emotion possible I think.”

Mr. Schiele was also racked with emotions as Mrs. Schiele walked down the aisle to him.

“I had a hard time keeping it together. She was just, she looked so incredible, so radiant,” Mr. Schiele said. “I couldn’t make eye contact because I knew I would just fall apart, so I started looking at her dad and her dad was already falling apart. It was pretty messy but it was very, very special.”

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed food and dancing with the newly married couple. Many memories were captured through the dancing at the reception.

“One special moment was definitely the dance with my dad,” Mrs. Schiele said. “and then at the end of the night there was the last dance that I got to have with Coach Schiele.”

Once the vows were said, and the dances danced, the couple honeymooned in Isla de Mujeres, Mexico.

“The honeymoon was really relaxing,” Mrs. Schiele said. “We had a great time just hanging out on the beach and seeing the island we were on.”

The future is bright for this Cardinal couple, who will always be a big part of the school community.

“Enjoy married life, travel a bit,” Mr. Schiele said. “We both love it here at John Paul, so keep on working here and see what happens.”