The New Face of Art

Mary Grace Theis, Newspaper

Ms. Kristine Hamidou, the new full time art teacher, brings a personal relationship into every student’s progress in art.

Just out of college, she did not think of teaching as an option, but she knew that she wanted to change the world and impact people who have limited opportunities.

“I was one of those very lofty people who thinks they can change the world, so I thought that the Peace Corps would be a really great way to impact people,” Hamidou said. “I wanted to work with kids because I enjoy working with children, so I worked at a youth center in Morocco. My role was to teach the children English and I also started an art class.”

After a few years in the Peace Corps, Hamidou realized that she wanted to go into teaching.

“That was a decision I made in the Peace Corps after a few months in, trying to connect with people and help them and just educate them in general,” Hamidou said. “I think it (teaching) does bring about world peace in a way because it does change how people see others in life and in everything.”

Hamidou’s art classes are all full of laughter and joy while students learn new things and perfect their abilities.

Junior Gia Hua Kirk, who was previously home schooled, is enrolled in Art 1 and is loving everything it has to offer.

“Because I was home schooled I didn’t take art and then I learned from some tutorials online,” Kirk said. “Ms. Hamidou has given me assignments to do because she can see that I am interested in art, so she wants to help me get more experience in art and learn more.”

Hamidou is very invested in her students, and will give as much time as needed to help them succeed.

“We decided to have tutorials like once or twice a week, so I will usually come in early or stay after school, and she helps me find things that I like so that I can get ideas for my art pieces,” Kirk said. “First she asks me how my day has been, then she asks me what ideas I have had for my art pieces.”

Hamidou emphasizes that paintings need to be unique and different.

“She helps us with all of the details and she tells us to be creative,” Kirk said. “We don’t have to follow any other people’s art; we have to create our own ideas and then make that art piece unique. That’s what I really like about Ms. Hamidou’s teachings.”