Students sing praises for new choir director Mr. Bouchard

Mary Grace Theis, J1 Writer

Mr. Daniel Bouchard is the new choir teacher this year. Bouchard has taught voice and piano privately. Bouchard brings an excitement to the choir room with all of his little anecdotes and sayings; Bouchard’s students describe him as very interactive and enthusiastic. Bouchard is very excited for the year and says that it can only get better.        

“I have always had a love of music but a lot of my teachers nurtured my love of music,” Bouchard said. “I was inspired by my middle school choir director. My director was always very excited and passionate about what she was teaching.”

Bouchard who graduated from SMU has always enjoyed music and became a teacher to share music with as many people as possible.Bouchard_2

“I always enjoyed music, and I wanted to find a way to share music with as many people as possible,” Bouchard said. “I couldn’t imagine ever having a job where I didn’t have the opportunity to make music everyday.

Bouchard brings to the classroom many of his little sayings and his energy. The class has a very high energy to it, the students are always moving around.

“Mr. Bouchard brings enthusiasm to the classroom. Whenever we don’t have emotion in our singing he brings out our emotion,” freshman Anthony Forrest said. “He is very interactive with the students and he always sees who needs help and he helps us out as much as he can.”

Students describe him as a funny, loud and very talented teacher.

Oh my gosh! Mr. Bouchard is very talented and intelligent and he knows what he is doing, and I have a lot of respect for him,” senior Elizabeth Pollacia said. “The class now has a lot of structure. Mr. Bouchard starts every day with a prayer and warm up and he makes sure we know everything before we go and perform it.”

With Bouchard as the teacher the choir will never be in treble. Mr. Bouchard said he is excited to be here and by what the choir has done so far, and it’s only going to get better.